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Growing season 2020 is nearing the end

Now that the crops are waiting for harvest under the autumn skies, it’s time to remove the measuring stations from the field again and store them for the next season.

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Food chain project Uireka tests disease model RMA

Head rot in onions is a persistent problem. The food chain project Uireka in the Netherlands conducts research into, among other things, the control of top rot in the cultivation of seed onions.

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Measuring soil moisture in the park and garden sector

RMA measures soil moisture in the park and garden sector. Similar to agricultural crops, sufficient availability of water is also of great importance for trees to survive.

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Start demonstration project to improve irrigation in Poland

The Dutch companies RMA, Loonstra & van der Weide, Irriwatch and the Polish farm Cena are starting a cooperation project in Poland to improve irrigation efficiency.

From flooded fields to agricultural drought

From floods to drought in a very short time: many farmers have already starting irrigating again. But what is the best timing and how much water should be applied?

Project "Rhythm of the Rain" receives subsidy

The 'Rhythm of the Rain' project receives a subsidy for the development of a system with local storage capacity, smart monitoring and predictive models.

Installation weatherstation 5Groningen

Installation of weatherstation in foggy Mensingeweer as part of the 5Groningen project. In association with Opt/NetKPN and Economic Board Groningen.